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Candy Buffet Checklist

Filed under: Cake, Cupcake, Candy Buffet,Product Checklist,Wedding — Koyal Design Team @ January 21, 2012 2:19 am

Cupcake Tower for Candy Buffets

What started as a trend for special events and parties has grown into a wedding obsession. The candy buffet has morphed from a sugary treat to a must have at any special reception. Whether it is a baby shower with blue and pink candy jars or a white wedding reception with a special dessert bar, candy tables are definitely still hot for weddings and parties. There are plenty of popular adaptions to the standard candy buffet, the cupcake topping buffet, a trail mix bar and a retro dessert stand being a few.

Whatever your pleasure, the candy buffet checklist is the perfect place to start for ideas and inspiration on how to create the perfect sugary display of confection. You’d be surprised to hear that there’s more to the candy buffet than just bulk candy. Personalize your buffet with special candies you both love or desserts that have been family traditions for years, this checklist is just the beginning of the potential for all the sweetness your wedding can serve!

Candy Buffet Supplies Quick Checklist

  1. Bulk Candy
  2. Apothecary Jars
  3. Macaroons
  4. Cookies
  5. Spoons
  6. Dish Scoops
  7. Candy Vases
  8. Labels and Tags
  9. Serving Bowls
  10. China Dishes
  11. Cake Stands
  12. Cupcake Stands
  13. Candy Ribbon
  14. Salt Water Taffy
  15. Decorative Ribbon
  16. Platters
  17. Diamond Rhinestone Ribbon
  18. Table Linens
  19. Decorative Scrapbook Paper
  20. Ornamental Signs
  21. Tissue Paper Pom Poms
  22. Big Balloons
  23. Sugar Free Candy
  24. Table Decorations
  25. Flowers
  26. Chocolate Fountain
  27. Paper Lanterns
  28. Hanging Decorations
  29. Crystal Garland
  30. Folding Table
  31. Decorative Counter
  32. Table Cloth
  33. Napkins
  34. Punch Bowl
  35. Fruit
  36. Healthy Treats
  37. Plates
  38. Caramel Apples
  39. Fudge
  40. Tableware
  41. Trail Mix
  42. Paper Garland
  43. Pennants
  44. Wooden Letters
  45. Fortune Cookies
  46. Cupcakes
  47. Retro Drinking Straws
  48. Beverages
  49. Cakes & Pies
  50. Cake Toppers
  51. Glass Vases
  52. Tongs
  53. Brownies
  54. Snacks
  55. Favor Boxes
  56. Favor Bags
  57. Cello Bags
  58. Ribbon Ties
  59. Rock Candy
  60. Cupcake Wrappers
  61. Chalkboard
  62. Welcome Signs
  63. Cupcake Domes
  64. Cupcake Liners
  65. Personalized Boxes

Candy Buffet Apothecary Jars & Vases

This candy buffet checklist can serve as a start for your brainstorming ideas. As a crucial part of the dessert, be sure to buy enough candy. The trick to filling up each vase and apothecary jar and creating a special look is using more than “enough” candy. As a general rule of thumb, buy more than you might need. When it comes time to put together your table and design, the worst thing that can happen is your vases fall short. Make sure you have enough candy to fill each vase and then some, as you’re likely to be disappointed if your candy buffet doesn’t look substantial because you shied on the side of caution. To estimate servings, imagine that each guest will take home one favor bag worth in addition to the favor bag they’ll consume.

Vintage Paper Straws

Each candy buffet will be as unique as the couple who chooses it. There’s more to creating an appealing dessert table than just the food itself. Style and color play an important role in creating an eye catching display. A retro style dessert table might have vintage style décor like retro paper drinking straws and candy button strips. Vintage looking soda bottles will complete the look if you line up the labels with matching straws. Salt water taffy is a big hit for a circus theme wedding, especially with popcorn theme serving cartons.

Different styles call for different flavors and styles, the sky is the limit for what you can create. Mix and match your favorite candies and baked goods for a unique combination. Once you’ve chosen your list of candies and sweets then you can buy bulk candy in your favorite colors. Create a coordinated table with two contrasting colors or mix and match for an assortment of colors. You can even create your own chocolate factory with a chocolate fountain and fresh fruit for a dessert table that has healthy options as well.  If you focus on your favorite candies and work to create a well-put together theme, your candy buffet will be the hit of your wedding reception!